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If you or someone you care for has a disability, you may have heard of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is a government-funded program that provides support and funding to eligible individuals to help them achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

To access the NDIS, you need to go through a planning process that involves several steps, from understanding your current supports to creating your NDIS plan and using your funds.

In this article, we’ll explain how the NDIS planning process works, so you can feel more informed and confident about navigating the system.

Understand Your Current Supports

Before attending your planning meeting, it’s important to think about your current supports and who provides them. Consider what supports and services you may need to achieve your goals. Bring any relevant reports or assessments to your planning meeting, as it will help the planner understand the types of support you require.

You can also find out who can help you start your plan depending on your situation and support needs.

Prepare for Your Plan Meeting

To prepare for your planning meeting, you will need to complete Booklet 2 – Creating Your NDIS Plan. You can either do it on your own or with the help of someone else. Bring the completed booklet to the planning meeting.

Attending a Planning Meeting to Create Your Plan

During your planning meeting, discuss the goals, activities, and tasks you want to pursue with your early childhood partner, LAC, or NDIA planner. Goals are an essential part of your NDIS plan. You can also talk about any unmet needs in your current life and the goals you want to achieve. Your planner can help you break down your bigger goals into smaller goals that are easier to pursue.

Once your plan is approved, your early childhood partner, LAC, or NDIA planner will give it to you in person or mail a paper copy to your preferred address.

If you have any goals or unmet requirements in your present life that you want to address, please inform us. We can assist you in dividing large objectives into smaller, more manageable ones and help you work toward them.

To learn more about creating a plan to accomplish your goals, visit the “settings goals” on the NDIS website.

Receiving Your Approved NDIS Plan

You can ask for a copy of your plan in accessible formats such as Braille, electronic text, large print, audio, or translated into your preferred language. Your early childhood partner, LAC, or NDIA planner will tell you how long it will take to get your approved NDIS plan and the steps you need to take next.

You can also view your plan on the myplace portal.

Using Your Plan

When you have an approved NDIS plan, you can choose the supports and services that you need to achieve your goals. You can also manage your plan and understand the different budgets. Visit the NDIS website to learn more about using your plan.

Changing Your Plan

The NDIS will contact you six weeks before your plan is due for reassessment. If you haven’t heard from them, call 1800 800 110 or find and contact an office in your area. You can have your plan reassessment meeting face-to-face, online, or over the phone. It is an opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months and what you have achieved.

If your current plan reaches its reassessment date before your new plan is finalized, your current plan will be automatically extended for up to 12 months.


The NDIS planning process is designed to help participants with disability achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. The process involves understanding current supports, preparing for the planning meeting, discussing goals and activities, receiving and using the approved NDIS plan, and potentially changing the plan through the reassessment process.

By understanding how the NDIS planning process works, participants can work collaboratively with their planners to create a plan that best meets their individual needs and aspirations.

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the NDIS, supports, and Plans please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 751 690. We can help point you in the right direction to get set up asap.

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  1. I like that you talked about being able to ask for a copy of your plan in various formats if you are going to undergo NDIS treatments whether it is in braille, electronic text, large print, audio, or are translated into your language. That is great news for anyone needing that kind of treatment and would want some physical copy of the things they have to undergo in order to get better. And i will share this information with a friend of mine because she mentioned looking for help regarding the situation of her husband after he had been in a traumatic incident earlier this year.

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