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Important Note:

 SDS Care is NOT the NDIS. We are an NDIS Provider that provides support for participants who are already on the NDIS. If you’re looking for support in applying for the NDIS, we can surely help guide you through the process, but we are not the NDIS.

The Information provided below is for your convenience only

Welcome to our comprehensive NDIS Booklet and accompanying Factsheets chechlists designed specifically for Potential Participants, written and provided by the NDIS. This collection provides essential information, insights, and guidance to empower individuals considering participation in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Whether you’re exploring the NDIS for yourself or someone you care for, these resources aim to offer clarity and support on the journey towards accessing the services and support you need.

Download the booklets and factsheets to embark on an informed and empowered path within the NDIS framework.

Making connections

How the NDIS can help

Early connections

Applying to the NDIS

Applying to the NDIS

Confirming your identity

Understanding consent


Child representatives

Creating your NDIS plan

Creating your plan

Your plan meeting

Support categories

Recording my providers

Using your NDIS plan

Using your NDIS plan

Managing your funding

Working with providers

Changing your plan


More NDIS information

Children younger than 9


For more information, see the thinking about work page.

Guide to self-management

For more information, see the self-management page.

Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants

Evidence of Identity

Evidence you need to give before your plan is created

The NDIS needs different types of evidence for different types of supports.

Learn more about the evidence you need to give the NDIS to develop your plan:

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