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Endeavour Timberyard: Empowering Disability Employment in Maryborough

In a heartening report by ABC in Wide Bay, the spotlight is on the Endeavour timberyard in Maryborough, Queensland, a remarkable establishment that goes beyond the ordinary. With a team of 43 individuals with disabilities, the yard has become a beacon of inclusivity, producing over 800,000 wooden stakes for the mining and construction industries.

Endeavour, operating 28 sites nationwide, is committed to equipping people with disabilities with the skills needed to thrive in the workforce. The Maryborough Timberyard stands out as a testament to the capabilities of its diverse workforce, where individuals with disabilities are not just employees but actively run machinery and operate forklifts.

In a recent television report, journalist Pat Heagney delves into the success story of Kirsten Drier, a dedicated worker with autism who has been an integral part of the Endeavour Timberyard for a decade. Now, Drier is paying it forward by training others in the intricacies of the machinery, exemplifying the potential for personal and professional growth within the organization.

Scott Reed, Endeavour Senior Business Manager, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to providing opportunities for employees to reach their full potential at their own pace. “It’s about providing the opportunity for our employees to go as far as they want to go, in their own time,” states Reed, underlining the supportive and nurturing environment fostered by Endeavour.

The report also features insights from Jason McKey, State Manager of NDS in Queensland, shedding light on the prevailing stigma surrounding the employment of people with disabilities across Australia. McKey attributes much of this stigma to ignorance, emphasizing that many are unaware of the tremendous potential they are missing out on by not tapping into the diverse skills and abilities of this often-overlooked talent pool.

The Endeavour Timberyard serves as an inspiring example of breaking barriers and challenging societal misconceptions about the capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Through their dedication to providing skills and employment opportunities, Endeavour is not just building wooden stakes; they are constructing a path to empowerment and inclusivity for all. As we celebrate stories like these, we are reminded that embracing diversity in the workplace not only benefits individuals but also enriches the entire community.

Original Article: You can read the full story on the ABC news site.

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