NDIS Specialist Support Coordination

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination Perth

When developing your NDIS plan, you have the freedom to choose which service providers you work with. While some people may find and manage their services independently, others may require the assistance of a Specialist Support Coordinator.

Specialist Support Coordinators Perth can assist you in finding mainstream and disability services that are best suited to your needs. There are three levels of support coordination available, including support connection, coordination of supports, and specialist support coordination, which can be included in your plan depending on your specific requirements.

Who is Entitled to Specialist Support Coordination in Perth?

The NDIS Specialist Support Coordination service is available to NDIS participants who require assistance in managing their plan and connecting with service providers. This may include individuals who are new to the NDIS, those with more complex needs or those who require support in coordinating multiple services from different providers.

Participants who are more likely to receive Specialist Support Coordination in their NDIS plan include those who:

  • Are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage
  • Have extremely low functioning and complex needs, and require multiple supports
  • Are young people in nursing care
  • Have conditions of a degenerative nature that require ongoing adjustment due to changing needs
  • Experience episodic mental health or illness support needs
  • Require regular crisis management
  • Have limited or no informal support networks or poorly resourced families
  • Have a history of changing and challenging support provision
  • Have past or current child protection or criminal justice involvement
  • Have psychosocial disabilities.

What does a Specialist Support Coordinator Do?

A Support Coordinator helps NDIS participants navigate their plans and connect with services. They can assist with the implementation, coordination, and management of support.

Specialist Support Coordinators will help a participant to:

  • Assess all support options for participants
  • Help implement the NDIS plan and choose preferred options/providers
  • Use the NDIS myplace portal
  • Organize assessments for funding requirements
  • Negotiate services, prices, and service agreements
  • Help decide the budget for each support type
  • Increase options to link with mainstream/community services
  • Ensure value for money for supports received
  • Help resolve crises, problems, or issues that arise
  • Assist with plan reviews and assessments

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