NDIS Assistance With Personal Support

No other name is as competent as SDS Care when it comes to offering NDIS Personal Care Services. We are home to some of the most competent, experienced and qualified support workers with in-depth knowledge of assisting the participants in their homes as well as in wide environments, based on their individual needs as well as the funding allocated for them.

Our highly trained support staff offering NDIS Personal Care Services would provide personalised assistance with daily personal activities as well as household tasks to help the participants live their lives and achieve their goals.

Our Personal Support Services are Multifarious

At SDS Care, we offer a wide range of services that not only include assistance to daily activities but personal activities as well, which include assistance to transportation and related activities, and various community participation activities that may include attending schools and camps, going for attending jobs or interviews, or for taking part in other professional, social as well as recreational activities to fulfil the tailored needs and the requirements of the participants.

Our experts offering NDIS personal care services would either visit the participants at periodic intervals or will stay with them for several hours every day depending upon their tailored needs and level of disability, limitations and need for dependence. Yet, despite being committed to providing the most caring, compassionate and trustworthy service, we would never want the participants to be entirely dependent on us.

What do our Disability and NDIS Support Services include?

Our disability and NDIS support services would include:

  • Meeting people from different sect of the society and making friends
  • Personal care service (including health and wellbeing)
  • Daily routine housework works
  • Housekeeping
  • Planning as well as organising
  • Making use of the government services
  • Joining social community, a group or any club
  • Using public transportation and Travelling
  • Assistance while participating in community
  • Taking medication as prescribed by the doctors
  • Using money and drawing up budgets for various projects
  • Shopping & marketing
  • Doing various types of volunteering work

With such a wide range of support services, we at SDS Care are your one stop solution, always.

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