Younger People in Residential Aged Care

Typically, individuals under the age of 65 are not suited for residential aged care, as this care system is primarily tailored to cater to the needs of older individuals.

The complex situation of younger individuals in nursing homes meant for older adults (YPIRAC) requires special attention.

To deal with this matter, it’s crucial to provide personalized support and have ongoing discussions involving individuals, their families, and professionals from different fields like disability, elderly care, health, and housing.

Collaborating across all levels of government is essential to come up with effective solutions.

Younger People in Residential Aged Care Support

Discharging younger people from aged care facilities is a critical aspect of healthcare management that requires a comprehensive and multidimensional approach.

The (YPIRAC) program, aims to transition young people from an aged care environment back to their homes or a more appropriate care setting that caters to their age-specific and unique needs.

Here is a general outline of how this process may look:

1. If you are not an NDIS participant living in residential aged care

Our team will work with you to help you to imagine the possibility of what it may be like to live in a different setting. We will explore any available alternate home and support care options in your preferred location. 

2. Exploring your options With your consent,

our team can assist you to test your NDIS eligibility, if appropriate. NDIS Eligibility process can be difficult and confusing, we simplify the process and explain it in an easy manner.

3. If you wish to stay in your residential aged care facility

If sustainable home and care support options are secured, our team will help you to transition. If you wish to leave your residential aged care facility

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