Do You Need Centrelink to be on the NDIS?
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Navigating Centrelink Payments and NDIS Funding

For individuals currently receiving Centrelink payments, understanding the dynamics between these payments and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is crucial. In this guide, we delve deeper into crucial questions and provide additional insights to empower individuals navigating the complex landscape of disability support in Australia.

From income assessments to the integration of various programs and personalized assistance, this resource aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on your path towards the NDIS.

Q1: How are Income Tests Conducted for Centrelink Payments?

Centrelink evaluates income and assets to determine eligibility for various payments, such as the

  • Age Pension
  • Austudy
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Parenting Payment
  • JobSeeker Payment
  • and Partner Allowance

Exceeding specified income limits may lead to payment reductions. Detailed information on income and asset tests can be found on the Services Australia website.

Q2: Does NDIS Funding Affect Centrelink Payments?

No, NDIS funding is separate from Centrelink’s income or asset tests. Accessing NDIS funding does not impact Centrelink payments, as the NDIS is tailored to support Australians with disabilities independently. NDIS funding, designated for specific purposes, is tax-exempt and does not affect Child Support Benefit.

Q3: Is NDIS Funding Subject to Means-Testing?

No, NDIS funding is not means-tested based on income or assets. Qualifying for Centrelink payments does not impede eligibility for NDIS funding support. Access to the NDIS can be initiated through a verbal, paper, or online Access Request Form.

Q4: What Happens to the Mobility Allowance with an NDIS Plan?

With the integration of programs under the NDIS, including the Mobility Allowance, individuals with an NDIS plan receive appropriate payments for transport needs. This eliminates the need to access the Mobility Allowance through Centrelink.

Q5: Can I Retain My Health Care Card with an NDIS Plan?

Yes, even with an NDIS plan, individuals can retain their Health Care Card from Centrelink. This enables continued access to reduced costs for utility bills, public transport tickets, and car registration.

Q6: How Should I Manage Centrelink and NDIS Payments?

NDIS payments are earmarked for specific disability-related services, while Centrelink income support payments offer flexibility for general expenses. Effective management involves aligning with the most suitable NDIS plan to cover eligible aspects of disability management, reducing reliance on Centrelink payments for these purposes.


Navigating the complex terrain of Centrelink payments and NDIS funding is essential for individuals seeking support for themselves or their loved ones. Understanding the distinct roles, eligibility criteria, and interactions between these two systems is crucial for ensuring comprehensive care and financial stability.

By clarifying common questions about income tests, the impact of NDIS funding on Centrelink payments, means-testing for NDIS, Mobility Allowance under NDIS plans, and the retention of Health Care Cards, this guide aims to empower individuals with knowledge.

Remember, effective management involves aligning with the most suitable NDIS plan to cover eligible aspects of disability management, thereby minimizing reliance on Centrelink payments for these purposes. For further support and personalized assistance in navigating the intricacies of the Australian social support systems, please contact SDS Care. Our dedicated team is ready to provide guidance, answer questions, and assist you in ensuring you receive the comprehensive care and support you deserve.

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