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If you want to apply for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) without wasting your time, and effort and making any kind of mistake then it is better to have some good knowledge about the following things.

This is important so that you know what things need to be done and whom you must approach for NDIS community support services.

4 Important Things To Understand And Remember

Below are the 4 most important things you need to understand and remember when it comes to NDIS support services.

Community Support Services:

Under this the professionals provide the participants with a wide range of services such as attending a holiday camp, participating in different kinds of cultural and social events, helping them to attend and take part in community programs, helping them to access the public transport, socialising and meeting people in the community, etc.

Even if they have to go to the library or a movie theatre the participants get help. The main aim of the experts is to help the participants become independent.

Hence it is better to consult with them when you need assistance with social and community participation

Social and Community Participation:

When the NDIS participants need support such as attending any kind of community activities, social programs, etc. then they get the service from the professional NDIS team.

Individual Living Options:

This is a kind of support where the participant has the option to choose any place where they want to live and how as per their needs. Remember that by using the ILO funding the participant can explore great ways to live with their family members and friends.

They can even share their house with their loved ones and housemates, etc. But the funding cannot be used to pay for the home. The professionals can help you with this.

For more knowledge and information on such things, you must consult with individual living options provider

Supported Independent Living:

Whether the participants need assistance with personal or daily household tasks, they get it through SIL funding. The tasks can include laundry, cooking, personal care services such as dressing and showering, medical assistance and much more.

The SIL funding is divided into three different levels which are known as the lower level needs, the standard level need and the complex need. The lower need is for making the living arrangement but the service is not 24/7. The standard needs 24/7 support.

The task includes:

  • Active assistance and full supervision of daily tasks
  • Overnight sleepovers.
  • High assistance for disabled people who need medical needs
  • Intensive positive behaviour help

You must always consult with professionally supported independent living providers.


SDS CARE is a leading NDIS service provider. We have been helping people with disabilities in fulfilling their needs and living independent life. The kind of help that we offer to them are community support service, social community participation, short-term accommodation, medium-term accommodation, respite accommodation, daily living support and much more.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy team then we are right here at your service. To connect with us now, you just have to give us a call. Book an appointment for further discussion.

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